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❤ The Janoskians Preferences ❤
❤ The Janoskians Preferences ❤


so i will be active on this account and my other account okay.

this is the start of something new and i have been writing a lot lately and i am great with this so i definitely will be posting more on this blog and the other one. but see here’s the problem. 

I am babysitting my two cousins. one is three and one is four and they are a hand full so deal with me guys i promise i will write something. but until then i need you to request.

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2,000 Followers! I swear you guys never fell to make me happy. Thanks so much for all the support on this blog I appreciate all of it. Much love

~ Kay (@ashtonrelated) 

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#39 He Snapchats You “I love You”






A/N:Obviously these are fake. Or they may be real you never know (; Request (: 

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#38 The Fans Ship You With Another Member

Beau: The fans ship you with Daniel. You and Daniel were friends and he hooked you up with Beau. Everyone thinks you too would be the cutest couple.

James: Everyone ships you with Jai. One time they asked James what they thought of you and he said you were really cute and funny. 

Daniel(Skip): The fans ship you with Beau. They think you are the girl version of Daniel. They think you two would be the cutest couple. 

Luke: The fans think you and James would be so cute together. They think there is 'undeniable chemistry' between you two because you hang out a lot.

Jai: Everyone ships you and Luke together. It’s like a battle of the twins between Jai and Luke but you always assure Jai that you love him.

A/N: Request and feedback xx

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Taking Request/Questions

I need as many request all possible. Just trying to make a lot of preferences. Trying to get as many in as possible. I just want my ask box full of preferences and questions. Plus I am very bored haha. 

Oh and Tweet/Follow me on twitter lol: @ashtonrelated

#the janoskians #the janoskians fanfic #the janoskians imagines #the janoskians preferences #beau brooks #jai brooks #luke brooks #james yammouni #daniel sahyounie #youtube
#37 Love At First Site

Beau: The boys were filming a video called “Awkward Train Situations”. Beau had to sit down next to you and screamed. When he sat down next to you to turned to look and him and he looked at you. Speechless. You were both speechless. You had to admit, the boy was absolutely perfect. Beau had to admit that you were absolutely stunning. “I’m Beau.” He said still looking at you. “I’m Y/N.” You said smiling a little. You were in love. The boy had you speechless. You couldn’t even stop starring at him. I guess you can say it was a start to a beautiful relationship.

James: James and the other boys were walking around the mall daily vlogging. James wasn’t paying attention until he bumped into a girl making all her bags fall. “Oh my gosh i’m sorry” You said kneeling down to pick up your stuff and James did the same. “No it’s ok-” He cut himself off when you looked at him and he looked at you. You two starring into each others eyes. “Sorry I. It’s just your so beautiful.” James said looking at you and you smiled. “Thank you” You said to him. “Guys I think James is in love” Beau said into the camera and then pointing it at you two.

Daniel(Skip): Daniel has met pretty girl every day him being on tour and all. But other girls didn’t even compare to the one he was looking at right now. That girl was you. He doesn’t even know how to react. He can’t even take his eyes off you. James never really believe in love at first site until he seen you. It all seems so fake but it’s real. It’s all real. He’s in love. He’s scared to walk up to you and say something. He doesn’t even know if he’ll be able to talk if he tries to say something to you. He wasn’t gonna let you just walk away though.

Luke: Luke knew it was love at first site when he first said his eyes on you. His thoughts were “Man this girl is gorgeous.” You were running through his mine. He never felt it before but with you it was something different. He never felt it with any other girl before. Just you and only you. He liked every little thing about you and I do mean every little thing. “Why don’t you just go talk to her?” Beau said to Luke. He noticed that Luke was starring at you. Luke snapped back to reality and went over to talk to you.

Jai: Jai has seen you around town. He thought you were a really pretty girl. He never really talked to you and he never knew your name. Jai was walking around town today when he saw you walking around with a friend laughing. He doesn’t know what it was but it had him shocked. He’s seen you around town and has barely paid attention but now he can’t take his eyes off you. His palms started to sweat and his heart was beating really fast. He’s never felt this feeling before with anybody. He’s never experienced it. Until he realized, this is love at first site. 

A/N: I swear this is probably the worst preference I done by far. Keep requesting xx

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#36 The Band He Takes You To See

Beau: Fall Out Boy

James: One Direction

Daniel(Skip): 5 Seconds of Summer

Luke: All Time Low

Jai: Sleeping With Sirens

A/N: Request

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Song Preferences?

It would be awesome if you guys send me songs to write preference off of. I really wanna do some. So yeah thanks (: 

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#35 First “I love you”

Beau: You were shocked. Your boyfriend of 2 months has finally told you he loves you. “Do you love me back?” Beau asked and you smiled nodding your head. “Then say it.” He said smiling. “I love you Beau” You said smiling at him and kissed his lips.

James: You were going to meet his parents. You were so scared and nervous. “Don’t be nervous. They’ll love you as much as I love you.” James said to you. “Y-You love me?” You stuttered out. “Of course.” He said planting a kiss on your cheek which caused you to smile.

Daniel(Skip): You and your best friend Daniel were playing video games. “HA! I WON! YAY” You screamed at him jumping up and down. “Gosh, I love you.” He said and you stopped jumping. “I-I, gosh. I’m so stupid. I didn’t mean for it to come out like- “Daniel shut up and kiss me.” You said to him and he kissed you.

Luke: The hate was getting to you. You couldn’t take it. All because you were dating Luke Brooks, but Luke was there to comfort you. “Don’t let anything they say get to you. They aren’t my fans if they hate you. Forget the hate. I love you.” Luke said and you wiped away your tear and looked at him and kissed him. 

Jai: You and Jai were doing the boyfriend tag. You were trying to see who knew the most about each other. “Jai I won. I’m the better girlfriend.” You said to him and he shook his head. “Lies. But who cares. I love you.” Jai said then kissed your nose causing you to blush. “Well I love you too.”

A/N: Sorry for not updating. Keep requesting. I love you guys so much xx

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I’m Sorry/ My Story

I don’t want sympathy. I’m not doing this for attention. Just telling you why I don’t get online and why I am upset.

I totally apologize about not being active. You can’t even handle how depressed I am. I’m gonna tell you everything that happened.

School is terrible and I do mean terrible. It’s a struggle for me trying to wake up because I know it isn’t gonna be a good day. There is this girl who picks me up and takes me to school. I’m not quiet sure if were friends. One minute she hates me and the next were friends. Whatever.

Anyway we walk into the school and we wait for out teacher to take us up stairs so we can get ready and switch classes. It’s really LOUD while we wait downstairs so I usually just sit there. It’s only 2 other girls in my class and they usually just ignore me while they talk to the guys and do what they do and I just sit there silently. By that time i’m already upset because I can tell this day isn’t gonna go well.

So next we’ll go upstairs go to our lockers and get ready to go to our classes. Now I feel like some people just use me to get their work done and pass and honestly it upsets me and I know people use me. I really do. I just don’t say anything about it. I literally let people use me. I have a problem with it in my mind but of course I don’t say anything.

Then I have to deal with my ex boyfriend. Everyday he tells me he wants me back he loves me but of course everyone knows he really doesn’t and he’s kinda just desperate. He talks about me behind my back so he’s a rude bully.

It’s literally pressure trying to fit in. With all the words being thrown at me or behind my back like, “ugly” “fat” “bitch” “slut” it start believing them and I literally don’t say anything about it because if I do I would most likely get ganged up on. Believe me on this one I am VERY sensitive. 

Now I try my best to not cut anymore but I always seem to mess it up. I cut probably like 2 weeks ago. It’s hard to stop but I try. I really don’t like school. I should probably tell my family I am being bullied but i’m too scared to. When I was in 6th grade I got caught cutting my wrist in the bathroom. When I was in 7th grade I got caught with cuts all over my wrist and maybe 2 days later my parents were called to the school for a meeting about my cutting problem. 

It shocked my dad more than my mom and she promised to put me in a mental hospital if I didn’t stop so of course I did. Not trying to make it seem like my parents are bad people because they are WONDERFUL nice people and I mean that from the bottom of my heart and I love them so much. 

My teacher was actually really helpful about the situation and gave me a notebook and she would give me a topic everyday to write about if it was “how are you feeling today” “what makes you upset” or anything which I have absolutely NO problem with because I love writing. I write preferences and imagines and I guess you can say I have a creative mindset.

I don’t know who this girl is but it’s this girl in my head name Alessandra Tiffany Marie Pinfield. I never really told anyone about her and I don’t even remember how she got into my head but she’s a 18 year old girl who was abused by her ex boyfriend. She is a dancer and a absolute sweetheart. She used to be bullied when she was in school but she doesn’t go to school anymore. She’s like a youtuber. She’s Australian and she has a twin brother name Dallas and a younger sister name Adriana. Alessandra is pretty strong and for some odd reason I wanna be her. After all she’s been through I still wanna be her. 

That may sound weird but she’s in my head lol.

I’m just really staying strong for my idols. You know The Janoskians, Justin Bieber, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Ariana Grande, Ryan Beatty, Emblem 3, Jennette McCurdy, Chris Brown. I have so many inspirations.

See my story isn’t that bad and I don’t want sympathy at all. I mean I can still smile and laugh so I guess you can say I’m kinda strong I don’t know. I told you this because I assumed you wanted to know why I wasn’t online and you were probably like. “UH KAY WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAKE SOME PREFERENCES YOU IDIOT.” So yeah haha. Well that’s it. I’m kinda alright. Gonna me making preferences. Much love thanks for all the support on this blog. Love ya.

- Sincerely,

Kay xx 

Twitter: @iadmirebeau 

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